An extensions of the urban living room. A place to have discussions, create new ideas, work or relax. A building that is firmly rooted in the city, embracing its surroundings and where interior and exterior are fully integrated.

Verticality. With a central courtyard, vertically connected spaces and a central wooden clad element that ties the spaces together, the coffeehouse has a strong vertical character.

Coffee house architectural model interior photo
Coffee house architecture sketches
Coffee house architecture sketches
Coffee house architectural context site model

The coffeehouse stands out without belittling its context. The building is set back from the street, slowly revealing itself when being approached.  Additionally it reacts to the building diagonally across that has a stately yard in front.

Besides designing a cafe, the home of the owner is also integrated into the coffeehouse. The home starts small with just an entry staircase to the first floor. From there, the home becomes larger as you move up, eventually completely occupying the top floor, offering great views over the city.

  • Coffee house plan ground floor
  • Coffee house plan first floor
  • Coffee house plan second floor
  • Coffee house plan top floor
  • Coffee house section
  • Coffee house section

This project was conducted as part of my master programme in the studio: Interiors, Buildings & Cities.