Amsterdam Internship

In 2017, I decided to get some first real world experience. After a guest-lecture by Liesbeth van der Pol of Dok Architecten in Amsterdam, I simple fell for the firm. I loved their joyful approach, the relaxed but enthusiastic work environment and the overall subtle and slightly more feminine architecture.

Even though, Dok Architecten is known for their larger projects, I started my internship at a time when they were just approached for two private homes. I quickly expressed my interest for these projects and as such, was able to do some preliminary design work on both.

This is a quick design for a long narrow home, slotted in-between two other homes at the edge of a lake.

For the second home I worked on during my internship, the clients wanted to have a home reminiscent of the black and white colonial homes in Singapore. This meant broad eaves, a spread out floor plan and long threshold between inside and out.